Nicolas Party: Stunning, silk art scarf designed by loveJACK - JACK
Nicolas Party

Nicolas Party: Stunning, silk art scarf designed by loveJACK

Stunning, Nicolas Party silk scarf featuring his painting, Red Forest.  Now available at loveJACK online and available at The Montreal Museum of Fine Art.
Thank you Shop Durham Region - JACK
Shop Durham Region

Thank you Shop Durham Region

It's been a tough year....keep smiling and forge on!
5 YEARS of loveJACK - JACK

5 YEARS of loveJACK

loveJACK is celebrating 5 years in business.   A business idea that is still evolving, growing, and very enjoyable.   Being a people person, I would definitely have to say that one of the most rewarding things about this business is the people I've met and that includes online customers, wholesale businesses, the managers of retail shops, the art gallery shops, my suppliers, and of course some of the artists.   Today also marks a day for celebration as loveJACK is collaborating with The Art Gallery of Ontario.  As a vendor to the AGO shop for the last 4 years, I'm very excited to be able to work with their licensing department and create some outstanding products, all of which are designed and manufactured in Canada. The AGO collection online at loveJACK, currently includes tea towels and candles.   Since the AGO shop is currently closed and my online shop is operational, we are working together to support the AGO Gallery Shop, my small Canadian business, and of course, offering a discount to AGO members as well.     Using the promo code AGO4U at checkout will provide a 15% discount off your entire order.   25% of all sales using this code will go to support the AGO. Just another way we are trying to support each other during this difficult time. Thank you for the opportunity to create and bring art to you in a medium you can hold, touch, hug.  Be safe, be well, Kim 


I feel the Turquoise Gemstone healing properties are very much in line with what we all need at this time, plus, of course love.
If ever there was a time for an alliteration, it's now. - JACK
basie blues ties

If ever there was a time for an alliteration, it's now.

Beautiful 'Basie Blues' found in Bermuda Am I thrilled our best selling tie, Basie Blues, is hanging around the neck of Tom Butterfield, Founder & Creative Director of the Masterworks Foundation Bermuda in the latest issue of WestJet Magazine?  You bet your Bermuda shorts I am.    The December 2019 issue of WestJet Magazine (linked here) has a wonderful feature article showcasing Bermuda's thriving art scene, which is prominent throughout the island.  The article begins on page 51....flip to page 54 and ta-da, JACK's best selling tie has been spotted on the island!  What I personally love about our tie being spotted in WestJet Magazine is that it's a Canadian company and so is JACK.  This tie embodies both music and visual art.  Jack Bush loved jazz music and often listened while he painted.  Every musician and artist should love this tie just for what it represents; Movement. Just like WestJet Magazine, our tie is available in many shops across Canada and of course online at Our friend Tom wears a tie well.  The Masterworks Museum of Bermuda is home to the paintings Jack painted while he & Mabel honeymooned in Bermuda in 1934.  Two of the paintings he did in Bermuda, in later years became part of an art series on Bermudian Stamps.   Our silk ties capture the detailing from Bush's paintings.     Basie Blues was a hit from day one.                    Basie Blues August 1975 Acrylic on Canvas 121.9 x 175.2 cm (48 x 69 in) Portrait of Tom Butterfield by Meredith Andrews @meredithphoto  
New this Fall - JACK

New this Fall

Falling back into blogging this Fall.  Come see what's new at JACK
Back to Boston - JACK

Back to Boston

Back to blogging, back to Boston !
The 'tie' between music and Jack Bush - JACK

The 'tie' between music and Jack Bush

Jack Bush loved painting to music, especially jazz and classical.    I'm not going to try and define what he was thinking or feeling when he painted, I'm enjoying researching what he listened to and the end result.   I've been using my personal favourite paintings on JACK products.  I find I'm drawn to Jack's paintings with musical titles and have gone the extra step in finding the specific song he was painting; that's how I think of his work, he was painting the song.   loveJACK has developed five men's hand made silk ties.  Two of the ties come from Bush paintings with musical titles and one is a musical term.  Many of his paintings were entitled song names or given a musical term for it's title.  I thought I would share two of the songs that inspired these two Bush paintings.   Passe Pied Bush loved Claude Debussy.  Passepied is the fourth movement of Debussy's 'Suite bergamasque' (1890-1905).   "The Suite Bergamasque by Claude Debussy is a suite for piano in several movements. Although it was written in 1890, the work was not published until 1905, despite the fact that its author tried not to see the light, because he believed that this work of youth was well below the level of his most modern compositions. The Suite takes its name from the masks of the Commedia dell'Arte of Bergamo and is inspired by the Fêtes galantes of Verlaine." From one genre to the next.   Basie Blues Bush loved jazz and was a big fan of Count Basie.  I found the original recording of 'Basie Blues' by The Count Basie Orchestra.  I feel there's a connection and wonderment added to our JACK line when we have an awareness of what Jack Bush enjoyed when he was painting. Our new line of ties will be available online in June.   Stay tuned.......  
Valentines?   Already?   I'm still wishing everyone a Happy New Year ....... - JACK
Jack Bush Scarves

Valentines? Already? I'm still wishing everyone a Happy New Year .......

  It's hard to believe we're already half way through January.  Time flies and before you know it, you'll be looking for that special something for your love.    It's very exciting that the Jack Bush: In Studio show at The McMichael has been extended to February 20th.   They've got some beautiful original gifts in their Gallery Shop and a very nice restaurant on site.   What a great way to treat your sweetheart.    We also have some great products online for gifting.   Our new designer scarves are just beautiful and come wrapped in a black Jack Bush signature box.  Order now for delivery before Valentines.  Use promo code LOVE20 at checkout and save 20% off any designer scarf.  Valid January 18 - February 14, 2017.  Cannot be used in conjunction with any other promo codes.