Being a creative person, blessed with a lifetime surrounded by music, art and a strong desire to be an entrepreneur, is what led me to loveJACK.

I met my husband Terry Bush over 25+ years ago.  We didn't meet through art, we found each other through music.  Through Terry I learned of his father, renowned Canadian artist, Jack Hamilton Bush.   Like everyone who loves Jack Bush, I too fell in love with his use of colour and brush strokes.  Coming from a musical background, I was drawn to Jack's paintings with musical titles.  I loved the thought of painting to music.  The idea of using Bush's art on home decor and fashion was obvious to me, but the timing to start something had never seemed right. 

Move forward to November 2014 and the Jack Bush Retrospective at the National Gallery in Ottawa.   The retrospective was beautiful, personal and in many ways tugged at the heart strings of the family on many different levels.   After going through the show for the third time and visiting the NGC gift shop, I realized that the time had come to bring my ideas to fruition.  People wanted to have a little piece of Jack Bush's art to take home with them.  With a conscious effort to honour and enhance Bush's reputation, I began my journey to share his paintings and art detailing on select products. loveJACK, also known as JACK, is the first and only company with an exclusive licence to reproduce Jack Bush's work on product.   I accept this exclusive licence with pride. 

In the spring of 2017, with a license from The McMichael Art Gallery of Canada, I now produce select Tom Thomson paintings on various products.  What a marvelous journey this has become working with the paintings from two iconic Canadian artists.  

Thank you for visiting JACK.  I hope you've enjoyed the site and our current line up of product.   Come back again and see what's new and please feel free to drop me a line if you have any questions or feedback.


Kim Schofield-Bush