If ever there was a time for an alliteration, it's now. - JACK

If ever there was a time for an alliteration, it's now.

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Beautiful 'Basie Blues' found in Bermuda

Am I thrilled our best selling tie, Basie Blues, is hanging around the neck of Tom Butterfield, Founder & Creative Director of the Masterworks Foundation Bermuda in the latest issue of WestJet Magazine?  You bet your Bermuda shorts I am.   

The December 2019 issue of WestJet Magazine (linked here) has a wonderful feature article showcasing Bermuda's thriving art scene, which is prominent throughout the island.  The article begins on page 51....flip to page 54 and ta-da, JACK's best selling tie has been spotted on the island! 

What I personally love about our tie being spotted in WestJet Magazine is that it's a Canadian company and so is JACK.  This tie embodies both music and visual art.  Jack Bush loved jazz music and often listened while he painted.  Every musician and artist should love this tie just for what it represents; Movement.

Just like WestJet Magazine, our tie is available in many shops across Canada and of course online at lovejack.ca

Our friend Tom wears a tie well.  The Masterworks Museum of Bermuda is home to the paintings Jack painted while he & Mabel honeymooned in Bermuda in 1934.  Two of the paintings he did in Bermuda, in later years became part of an art series on Bermudian Stamps.  

Our silk ties capture the detailing from Bush's paintings.


  Basie Blues was a hit from day one.   


Basie Blues
August 1975
Acrylic on Canvas
121.9 x 175.2 cm (48 x 69 in)
Portrait of Tom Butterfield
by Meredith Andrews @meredithphoto


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