I feel the Turquoise Gemstone healing properties are very much in line with what we all need at this time, plus, of course love.

COVID19 is teaching all of us, perhaps different things, but definitely teaching and expanding a lot of our personal 'bubbles' or 'safety nets' to a new degree.  This can only be a good thing.  I'm forever the optimist and will always try and find the silver lining, which I have many times during the last three months.  Does that mean I don't share the anxiety that goes around?  Absolutely not, I do, but, I have faith in humanity, the world, I always have.

Mylene, of the Art Gallery of Hamilton came up with a wonderful idea.  After receiving one of my customer based email blasts, she contacted me to discuss working together during this time, but not in the usual way we do, as their gallery shop and online shop is closed.....however, my online shop is operational.  We've worked out a promo code for all the AGH Members with a link to loveJACK.  loveJACK in turn will forward a portion of these sales to the AGH.   It's truly a win-win situation, supporting small Canadian business, Canadian Art and helping consumers.  

But here's what I think is the best part.   The email the AGH sent out to their customer base has arrived in the mailbox of many. many people who have never shopped online, nor searched for a product before.  These people have called me, talked with me, I have been able to reassure many that you can always call and speak with a real person and order over the phone, if that's more comfortable.   I've made some wonderful new connections, definitely some serendipitous encounters and all of these folks have learned something new and working on this project has lifted my spirits tremendously.    The fun part for someone who hasn't ordered on line before is the realization of the delivery and how exciting that is.   Even though you know what you've ordered, it's fun.   

Although JACK is an online shop, I'm real, I'm here and always happy to connect and answer questions.  

Stay safe, be well.


Way to go, Hamilton!



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