Bath Salts

Bath Salts

Add salts to your bath water for a luxury soak surrounded by real botanicals. Mix and match the fragrances in the library of bath salts to customize your soak.

Our bath salts are a blend of epsom salt, real botanicals & flower petals, and essential oils. Very good for muscle pain and relaxation.

This gift set comes in a beautiful 2-piece gift box with  4 large vials of bath salts, which you can use individually or mix and match to create a custom experience. Each tube has real flower petals for a custom-blended botanical bath.


 - Bergamot is a very special scent that combines herbal base notes with spicy citrus top notes. Bergamot is best known as the main flavouring of Earl Grey tea. Smells like a hot cup of tea on a rainy day.

- Our Eucalyptus & Lime salt is a breath of fresh air. Fresh and clean with a citrus note and a twist of crisp rind. The deep camphorous and menthol notes of eucalyptus are balanced by the lightness of the fresh lime. Steam from this bath is the perfect relief from a stuffed nose in winter, or lovely for a cooling and refreshing summer bath.

 - Heirloom Flower Garden salts are scented with an essential oil blend of geranium, wild verbena and juniper. A burst of summer floral scent with base notes of moist earth and wild grasses. Pretty floral blend of mallow flower petals, calendula petals, rose petals and blueberry flowers.

- Our essential oil Lavender scent is fresh and herbal, straight from a garden flower bed! A very soothing and relaxing scent.

Magnesium sulfate (epsom salt) and/or chlorure de sodium (Saskatchewan red salt), rosa centifolia (rose petals) and/or mentha viridis (spearmint) and/or cymbopognon flexuosus (lemongrass) and/or calendula officinalis (calendula flower) et/ou centaurea cyanus (corn flower) and/or malva sylvestris (mallow flower) and/or lavandula augustifolia (lavender), parfum (blend of essential oils).

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Bath Salts
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