There's something great about JACK

Father's Day is around the corner !  Is your Dad's name JACK?  Why not order him a JACK T?     Free shipping on all orders across North America (over $25).   Order today !    

Saying 'Hello' with a JACK greeting card !

There is nothing like getting mail.  'Real' mail, not an email.  There's something special about receiving an envelope addressed to you.  Why not rediscover a simple joy and share a note with a friend.  You may be surprised at just how much it means to the recipient.  JACK cards feature various BUSH paintings, all of which are bright, colourful and cheery.  You'll be sending a personal note on a wonderful keepsake.  Cards are currently sold individually wrapped with an envelope.  Boxed sets are coming soon !

Exclusive to Museum of Fine Art, Boston !

At JACK we are over the top to be sending our Canadian product to the MFA in Boston.   What an honour and how proud we are to be represented at such a prestigious museum.    MFA will have exclusive rights to 'STRIPED COLUMN'.   All these products are listed...

JACK & Licensing

We've been keeping quite busy here at JACK!   Busy is good.   We are thrilled to be receiving great feedback and lots of interest in our product line from museum's and galleries outside of Canada too !   That's very EXCITING. We've been asked many times, "are the images...

Pre-production samples !

We knew our product was going to be first rate, but you still want to see a pre-production sample, just in case there's something not up to our high standards.   The samples have arrived!   JACK T's are exceptional quality AND the screen print is fantastic.   We couldn't...

First shipment

All JACK T's will have the name of Jack Bush's painting from which the art detail is taken.