Summer, Music & Art

I can't believe the end of August is upon us.   Our summer has been filled with music, holidays and new products and new product ideas.   We've had the pleasure of meeting up with some fantastic new suppliers and have lots of neat stuff in the works.   Our latest venture at JACK was to find a Canadian sock manufacturer, and we did.     They loved our idea of 'all Canadian' and of course, loved the idea of having fun with JACK BUSH colours.  There will more socks to come soon !

We have also decided to focus a little on Bush's paintings of musicians and musical titles.   We are starting this series with iPad mini covers, which are now available ! Currently we are featuring five of BUSH's works on the covers. Great gift idea or keep it for yourself.   All product detail is listed with the collection.   Any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.  


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