'This House Was Made For Christmas' now on at The McMichael

Happy Thanksgiving from lovejack.ca Reading 'This House Was Made For Christmas' now on at The McMichael 2 minutes Next Beautiful Silk Scarves featuring the work of Jack Bush. Stunning.

Jack Bush created many wonderful, playful Christmas cards over the years.  Starting, we believe as early as 1927 when he was just 18 years old, these cards were shared with family, friends and colleagues.   We are thrilled that Bush is included in the 'This House Was Made For Christmas' exhibition now on at The McMichael.   What a wonderful way to get into the Christmas spirit ~ the spirit of giving and love.  

JACK Christmas cards and tea towels are available for purchase at the McMichael gift shop. 


Organized by the McMichael Canadian Art Collection, curated by Sharona Adamowicz-Clements

This House Was Made For Christmas
In the late 1950s and early 1960s, the founders of the McMichael gallery, Robert and Signe McMichael, celebrated Christmas with a welcoming spirit by inviting neighbours into their home to enjoy their collection of Canadian art – a tradition we have continued for 50 years as a public art gallery. Our vision and galleries are built from the very room in which this exhibition begins: the heart of the home. This House Was Made for Christmas (a comment Signe made upon witnessing their first Christmas tree in the house) is an invitation to our patrons and guests to celebrate with us the spirit of a season through an exhibition of Christmas cards drawn from the McMichael, as well as public and private collections, some of which have never been displayed before.


As a form of gift giving and spreading holiday cheer, Christmas cards combine inspirational imagery with heartfelt messages. The cards selected for this exhibition include artworks by seminal Canadian artists of the early and mid-twentieth century. They are the Group of Seven, their contemporaries, and ensuing generations who were members of Painters Eleven, proponents of abstract art, and other artists who contributed to the development of the Toronto modern art and design scenes. This exhibition offers a festive look at the personal and rarely publicly displayed side of many of our most loved Canadian artists.

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