May Flies....just like time...Thank you for an incredible first year of business !

The Mayflies are out in full force and the tulips are blooming.    I guess time is flying by because we've been so busy here at loveJACK.    I've been meaning to write since the beginning of April and here we are, almost the middle of May.   

So much is new at loveJACK, I'm not sure where to start.  So I'll go with my heart which always leads me to a place of gratitude.

loveJACK celebrates one year of business tomorrow.  Our product is now represented in ten retail stores across Canada.  I couldn't be more thankful to my family & friends for their support in this adventure, my fabulous retail clients and my online shoppers.   Without you, I certainly wouldn't be writing this story.   I'm blessed to have made friends along the way, sharing stories about life, even connected with some Bush relatives from afar, but really, not far at all !   It has been and continues to be a wonderful, colourful, happy experience for me and a joy to be able to work with such beautiful art.  Thanks for that Jack Bush.  

Happy & grateful,

Kim Schofield-Bush 



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