Fall in love with Autumn
Autumn Foliage
Tom Thomson
Fall or Winter 1915
Oil on wood
overall: 21.6 x 26.8 cm
Gift from the Reuben and Kate Leonard Canadian Fund, 1927
©Art Gallery of Ontario 852
"The falling leaves, drift by the window.....the autumn leaves of red and gold..."
One of my all time favourite songs by Nat King Cole,  Autumn Leaves
Autumn. My season of choice.  Oh, I do love the others too, but for me there's something about the fall air.  Just like the squirrels, busy finding and then hiding their winter stock pile, I feel their energy.  Most people find Spring a time for cleaning and feeling energized, for me, it's Autumn.    
The colours abound make me marvel at our beautiful planet as do the artists through history that have been able to capture the emotion, the colours of the sight in front of them.  How lucky I am to be able to share this art in ways that we can all feel connected to the work.  
As many of you know, I did not want to get into the 'mask' line of products, but here I am.  I'm now loving designing these and I'm very happy that whichever mask you have chosen to purchase from my shop, a portion of proceeds from every sale either goes to the artist, The Ontario SPCA or in the case of our poppy mask, to the artist AND to veterans of Canada. 
Thanks for shopping at loveJACK and/or one of the many gallery shops that carry our line. 
Continue to be safe and well.  We shall overcome.
With kindness always,



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